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Farming Simulator 22: This is how you activate the console



Farming Simulator 22: This is how you activate the console

In Farming Simulator 22, a little trick makes it possible to unlock many useful commands and even fly!

  • Close the game
  • Locate the game folder: This PC → Documents → My Games → FarmingSimulator2022
  • Find the file “game.xml” (if you don’t see a file extension, click on View → File extensions → Tick the box).
  • Right-click on “game.xml” → Edit
  • Find the entry false (you can search for it with Ctrl+F).
  • Change “false” to “true” and save the file (Ctrl+S or click Save when closing)
  • Start FS22, load a savegame and press the circumflex key (to the left of 1, above Tab, below ESC).

Now you have full access to the in-game console and can benefit from useful commands. The console function is only available on the PC and Mac. On consoles (i.e. Playstation 4, 5, and Xbox One or Xbox Series S and X) there is no way to activate the console.

We have listed some of the most useful commands here:

  • framerateLimitFPS = set the FPS limit
  • gsTimeSet = set time of day
  • gsWeatherAdd = change the weather
  • gsCameraFovSet 65 = Set Field of View to 65
  • gsWiperStateSet = Switch windscreen wiper on/off
  • gsPlayerFlightMode = Activate flying (J)
  • gsHudVisibility = Switch off HUD
  • quit = quit game (like Alt+F4)

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