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Ruined King Guide – All Achievements and How to Get Them



Ruined King Guide - All Achievements and How to Get Them

By surprise, all the players have had the news that Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is now available and also its achievements. You can get it on PC and consoles for € 29.99, the deluxe edition for € 39.99. We have prepared a guide for you with all your achievements or trophies, and how to get them.

  • Platforms: PC ( Steam and Epic ), PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.
  • Hours for 100%: 40 hours approx.
  • Games for 100%: 1 game (recommended in 2)
  • Difficulty: Yes it influences.

We have 52 achievements in total in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. If you want to do everything at once and with just one pass, choose the maximum level of difficulty: Heroic. Likewise, this difficulty for a novice is not the most ideal. It is possible to do everything in one game, and don’t worry if you miss something, you can always go back. Everything will have to be done, special attention to exploration, do not lose sight of anything if you let it. Many characters can be vital in breaking new ground and uncovering secrets.

VisionsExperience visions of the Ruined King.
Common causeJoin forces with Braum.
Drinkable and powerfulConsume 10 potions.
FurrowersHave Yasuo join your party.
Local gossipMeet with the rumorologist.
Novice CharmsEnchant your first item.
Treasure huntersCatch a treasure.
To restCaptain, my captain
Tonics to tonsConsume 50 potions.
Bounty Hunter CabinComplete a mission on the bounty board.
Animal instinctComplete 25% of the bestiary.
Deep fishingHave Pyke join your party.
Into the deepest darknessReach the Shadow Isles.
Master infusionInfuse 30 objects.
Money bagsEarn 100,000 gold (stackable).
Debt brandGet 200 black marks (stackable).
Ultimate ArsenalGet all the legendary weapons.
Legendary powerGet a legendary weapon.
Absolute potentialReach level 30 with any champion.
Maokai renovatedMake sure Maokai regains his strength.
Dominated sandComplete 50% of the Baron’s Rest battles.
HuntingComplete 50% of the bestiary.
Rare infusionInfuse 10 Rare Items.
Spring catalogUnlock all alternate skins for all champions.
Do you say these rags?Unlock an alternate skin for any champion.
Fox’s CunningHave Ahri join your party.
RuinComplete the story on the Normal difficulty level.
StorytellingComplete the story on the Story difficulty level.
Dying groveMeet Maokai.
Bait bucketsCatch 100 fish.
Light readingGet 50% of the story documents.
Epic infusionInfuse 10 epic items.
Definitive momentUnlock a level 3 ultimate ability.
Perfectionist ArchivistGet all the documents in the story.
ReckoningComplete Dracogalerna Island.
Defying the JailerDefeat Thresh.
Hello ruin
Reign of terrorDefeat the Possessed Gangplank.
Bandit porilCollect 5 Pore Hole Treasures.
UltramaximumUnlock the ultimate abilities of all champions.
Sand is your kingdomComplete all battles in Baron’s Rest.
The predator is youComplete 100% of the bestiary.
Talent to listenUnlock every dialogue for all characters at rest points.
Veteran ruinComplete the story on the Veteran difficulty level.
Fishing ChroniclerCatch one fish of each type and complete your fishing log.
First-class damsCatch 10 Epic Fish.
A good restEat 15 meals at rest points.
Master enchantmentsEnchant 30 items.
Bounty hunter captainComplete all missions on the reward board.
Bounty Hunter NavigatorComplete five missions on the reward board.
Heroic ruinComplete the story on the Heroic difficulty level.

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