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How to get all the level 3 ultimates in Ruined King



How to get all the level 3 ultimates in Ruined King

Heading into the Ruined King late game there are two things players should look for: Legendary weapons for all characters and Ultimate Tier 3 abilities. These definitive ones are much more powerful than those of levels 1 and 2, and they usually give advantages or hit like a real demon to an enemy or to several at the same time.

However, unlike the other two definitive ones, getting them is not going to be easy. You have to go to a particular NPC to give us the mission of each ultimate, and look for a particular object to unlock it. We tell you everything you need to know to get them all.

Ruined King level 3 ultimates: How to get them

As you can imagine, each character has their own ultimate. To unlock them, go to the Shadow Islands, and go to the point on the map that we have indicated below.

There will be the Philosopher’s NPC, which will allow you to unlock the level 3 definitive ones. However, you will need to get a particular item:

  • That of Yasuo is a scroll of the swordsman who is in the House of giants. Investigate one of the shelves in the Great Library to get the item. Go give it to the Philosopher.
  • Ahri’s mission is to execute 25 enemies (give him the last blow, go). When you’re done, talk to Kalia again.
  • Miss Fortune’s experimental cannon schematics are earned by killing the optional boss on the Captain Floon bounty board.
  • To get Pyke’s, you’ll have to hunt down three powerful Mistwalkers. The quest is given to you by Phillias near the philosopher’s location.
  • Braum will have to collect an ancient buhru artifact, a symbol of purity.
  • Illaoi will have to get a lost Nagakabouros idol.

We will update this article as soon as we know the exact location of the Braum and Illaoi objects.

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