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Ruined King Guide – How To Defeat Thresh



Ruined King Guide - How To Defeat Thresh

Thresh is one of the great rivals to beat in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. One of the final bosses that our diverse group of heroes will have to face. We show you below the different ways to defeat Thresh in combat. In addition to several things that you will have to be very attentive to if you do not want to die without stopping.

Who is Thresh?

Any League of Legends player will know this name well, either by mastering it or by suffering it in games. They have wanted to be very faithful to the original and for many, the kind of their attacks will not be a surprise. Even the use of his flashlight. The learned jailer of souls now sees how the Black Mist prepares to consume everything. Only Miss Fortune and hers can stop him and Gangplank.

Attacks and combat

Thresh will intersperse damage attacks with some shield attacks (typical of his flashlight). However, the most important thing and what must be attended to is Terror. Passively apply 2 charges to our team each turn. If the charges reach 20 on an ally he will lose 80% of his life. Which is a lot, we may have to use a potion along the way. Always be attentive to the number of charges each ally has in battle.

Our group and composition for combat must have at least one healer, Illaoi or Ahri, and for their part, they must always be doing healing and protection spells. The rest of the members of the group can go to tastes. I personally recommend Miss Fortune and Yasuo, they are a good combo, based on Damage and Crit. In addition, Yasuo can protect himself well also taking advantage of Flux and his small shields.

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