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Ruined King Guide – How Fishing Works and Black Marks



Ruined King Guide - How Fishing Works and Black Marks

We bring you a guide for the few connoisseurs about the fishing system in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, and incidentally also about the black marks. Not only as a good hobby or extra, but fishing can also bring us many rewards. Treasure chests, gold, black marks, and more. Let’s see it in more detail. You may also be interested in the complete list of Ruined King achievements.

Fishing Guide

Fishing is relatively easy and intuitive. Especially if we have played any other video game or RPG that includes it. There will be a fisherman at the Aguas Estancadas docks, remember where he is, you will visit him a lot. There you can get your first rod and bait. If you do not want to spend anything that happens, in chests later you will find plenty. And it is not something very high priority at the beginning.

To fish, you just have to go to locations with a hook marked on the map. Depending on the area, like our rod and bait, different fish will come out. This also influences the level of the different treasure chests that we find. The better rod and bait, in general, the better rewards.

To fish, you approach the sea and cast the line, the further away, the more you will have to pull later. Bring it to you following the directions, which is a fine gray line behind the fish. If both the green and red cargo run out, the fish will escape.

Black marks

Next to the fisherman from Aguas Estancadas, there will be access to another area with a merchant. You can exchange fish and pieces for the same fisherman for a pair of black marks. But the one that interests us the most is the other merchant since we can only exchange things for black marks. Specifically, rune knowledge for all characters, powerful gear, and exclusive skins for each champion.

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