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Ruined King Guide – How To Get Exclusive Champion Skins



Ruined King Guide - How To Get Exclusive Champion Skins

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story shares a lot with the classic MOBA and is that in this RPG we can also get skins or exclusive aspects for our champions. We recently talked about fishing and black marks, now necessary for this kind of unlocks. We tell you how to get these skins, and how many there are for our team of heroes.

Ruined skins

ruined skin in ruined king

The ruin skin pack can be obtained by purchasing the Deluxe version of the game on any platform: PC ( Steam and Epic ), PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. There is no other way to obtain them.

Collector Skins

The Collector in the Bajamar Market will exchange black marks for appearances. One for each champion and all for the same price. You can earn black marks by fishing and selling the items to the collector or fisherman at the Stagnant Waters.

ChampionAspectsPrice (Black Marks)
IllaoiIllaoi Dark Waters100
BraumBackwater Braum100
YasuoYasuo Demon Hunter100
Miss fortuneMiss Fortune Succubus100
PykePyke from Piltover100
AhriTable ahri100

Apart from the skins shown there are no more in Ruined King, at least for now. Collecting all exclusive Collector skins unlocks the “Spring Catalog” achievement.

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