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Ruined King Guide – Solve the Clario Family Puzzle



Ruined King Guide - Solve the Clario Family Puzzle

Let’s see how to solve the Clario Family puzzle and where to find everything you need to receive the Clario Medallion in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. Throughout the game, we can find many puzzles and puzzles in the game. It is not at all complicated if we always beat our way through. In this case, it is similar, there will be several chests around the mansion, very useful, and several enemies. Our goal will be to collect the locket pieces from everyone in the family. We have marked the location of each one in red, on the map below.

clario map

The yellow circle represents your final goal, if you already have all the medallions you can embed them in the monument. By doing so, you will have a short dialogue and later you will receive the Clario Medallion. This gives +40 bonus Damage, +10 Stamina, and +70 Critical. You can also consult the Ruined King Achievements guide if you are looking for 100% of the game.

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