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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Which Starter Pokémon is Best?



Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Which Starter Pokémon is Best?

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you once again ask yourself which starter Pokémon you should choose at the beginning. The simplest answer: what you like best. If you don’t care and want the Pokémon that best suits the challenges in the game, then we’ve got the tip for you here.

Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig as a starter? Once again you are faced with a difficult choice.

These are the three starters and their developments

Before we answer the question about the best starter, we give you a rough overview of the most important information about the starters and their developments. Since the last stage of development has the greatest relevance, we take a very close look at the last form in terms of strengths, weaknesses, and values.

developments• Chelcarain (Level 18)
• Torterra (Level 32)
• Panpyro (Level 14)
• Infernape (Level 36)
• Prinplup (Level 16)
• Empoleon (Level 36)
Type• Plant (Turtwig & Chelcarain)
• Plant / Soil (Torterra)
• Fire (Chimchar)
• Fire / Fight (Panpyro & Infernape)
• Water (Piplup & Prinplup)
• Water / steel (Empoleon)
Type attacks very effective against … (last level)• Soil
• Rock
• Water
• Poison
• Steel
• Fire
• Electric
• beetle
• steel
• plant
• ice
• normal
• rock
• dark
• Soil
• Rock
• Fire
• Ice
• Fairy
Type weaknesses (last level)• Ice (4x)
• Fire (2x)
• Flight (2x)
• Beetle (2x)
• Water (2x)
• Soil (2x)
• Flight (2x)
• Psycho (2x)
• Electric (2x)
• Combat (2x)
• Ground (2x)
Type resistances (last stage)• Soil (0.5x)
• Rock (0.5x)
• Electro (0x)
• Plant (0.5x)
• Fire (0.5x)
• Ice (0.5x)
• Unlight (0.5x)
• Steel (0.5x)
• Beetle (0.25x)
• Normal (0.5x)
• Water (0.5x)
• Flight (0.5x)
• Psycho (0.5x)
• Beetle (0.5x)
• Rock (0.25x)
• Dragon (0.5x)
• Fairy (0.5x)
• Ice (0.25x)
• Steel (0.25x)
• Poison (0x)
Underlying (last level)• CP: 95
• Attack: 109

Sp .: 105 • Sp.-Sp .: 75
• Sp.-Sp .: 85
• Initiative: 56
• CP: 76
• Attack: 104

Sp .: 71 • Sp.-Sp .: 104
• Sp.-Sp .: 71
• Initiative: 108
• CP: 84
• Attack: 86

Sp .: 88 • Sp.-Sp .: 111
• Sp.-Sp .: 101
• Initiative: 60
Total underlying (last level)525534530

Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig? Who is the best starter?

As mentioned at the beginning, your preferences should take precedence, because you will easily get through the game with every starter. When choosing the starter, of course, it also depends on whether I have already given you some thought in advance about which other Pokémon you want to have on the team. If you are z. B. if you really want to have a Roserade and Garchomp, then Torterra will be superfluous in the team.

Otherwise, the table above already provides the answer as to which starter is most worthwhile: Chimchar! In comparison to the other starter developments, Infernapeo has the best values ​​in the decisive categories. In Pokémon battles, you always want to attack first and, at best, take out your opponent with just one attack. Infernape has by far the highest initiative value and also the best attack overall. It is also practical that attack and special attack are equally good and you can therefore choose your attacks flexibly. In sum, Infernape’s values ​​are also higher.

But there are other arguments in favor of Infernape. With “Kampf” it has an outstanding second type. You will have to deal with normal Pokémon relatively often, which only have combat attacks as weaknesses. Chimchar already learns the first combat attack at level 12 and will therefore be helpful very early on.

In addition, the Sinnoh Pokédex only includes two lines of Fire Pokémon: Chimchar and Ponyta. While you can catch good alternatives for Turtwig and Piplup, Chimchar is not that easy to replace.

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