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How to unlock skins for Ziggs in Hextech Mayhem



How to unlock skins for Ziggs in Hextech Mayhem

Hextech Mayhem is the new rhythm title distributed by Riot Forge, a game in which Ziggs is the absolute protagonist and in which we can unlock a good handful of skins for this explosive yordle. There is a lot of good news regarding the unlocking of skins, but the most important is that you will not have to go through the box to customize the protagonist of the game.

Of course, you also have to be clear about one thing: getting to unlock the skins is not going to be easy. And it is that it will take a type of collectible, in particular, that is not achieved if the levels are followed in an orthodox way, forcing you to be VERY attentive or to repeat the levels until you hit the key.

How to unlock skins in Hextech Mayhem

The first thing you should know is that the special currency to unlock skins is the white gears. There is one white gear per level, with a total of 36 gears of this color in the game. As you can imagine, there are also 9 skins to collect, so if you want them all, you will have to get them all.

The skins menu is the option on the left in the main menu, it has no loss. These are all the skins out there:

SUGAR RUSHZiggs Sugar Rush
BACKWATERSZiggs Stagnant Waters unlock hextech mayhem skins
JINXZiggs jinx
TEEMOZiggs Teemo
POOL PARTYZiggs Pool Party
ARCANE MASTERArcane Master Ziggs
BOMB ARTISTUnlock skins ziggs hextech mayhem bomb artist
BATTLE BOSSZiggs Boss Battle
COMMANDER VIDEOZiggs Commander Video

The way to get the coins is by exploring each level VERY well and seeing the exact location of the white gear. You will not access these gears naturally if you follow the instructions on the screen, so you will have to get them “ignoring” the normal course of the level.

Once you get it, simply finish the level and you will have it under your belt. When you’ve got a total of 4 , you can unlock a skin of your choice. You will have to repeat this at all levels if you want to achieve all the aspects you see above.

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