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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: How To Install And Play The Elysium Mod Pack



The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: How To Install And Play The Elysium Mod Pack

We tell you how to install and what the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Elysium mod pack offers, full of content that you may like more than the Anniversary Edition.

The launch of the Anniversary Edition of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim has brought back this incredible RPG from Bethesda, which although it is already officially a retro game because it is already more than ten years old, is still just as fascinating as in 2011.

Precisely, the community has helped to enhance this game thanks to the content of the Creation Club, which adds to all the news of the Anniversary Edition … and the mods, which, however, have been an obstacle for its creators with this new edition.

Precisely, here we are going to talk about Skyrim Elysium, a pack of mods with many improvements and content that, however, is not compatible with the Anniversary Edition: you must play it in the original or the Special Edition. Also, it is only in the PC version .

How to install and play the Skyrim Elysium mod pack

The Skyrim Elysium mod pack, created by TitansBane, has hundreds of mods that add new missions, items, graphics, or characters that expand the locations and history of the world.

There are changes to both the playable and the visual, and it even includes the original Forgotten City, before becoming a standalone game. Here you can see the full list of mods.

Before installing Elysium Skyrim, you must download Wabbajack, a program that allows you to install and run mods automatically. You can find the mod on their website at this link, where you will find all the instructions.

Remember, in any case, that it is only from the PC version, the original Skyrim or the Special Edition, not the Anniversary Edition, so you may not want to update it …

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