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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: How to create specific cards for our decks



Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: How to create specific cards for our decks

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is the new free installment of the famous card game, allowing us to face other duelists online. Although we can choose between three starting decks, the logical thing is that we seek to create a new one based on the archetype that is most in tune with our way of playing. To do this, we will need to create specific cards if we have no luck buying envelopes, thus speeding up the process.

For this reason, in the following guide, we leave you all the necessary information about creating cards, as well as the steps we have to take to be able to do it. Do not miss it!

How to create cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

The first thing is to know what cards we need to create if we have not been lucky in the envelopes. Once we know it, we have to go to the “Deck” section and select the deck we want to improve or a new one in case we want to start from scratch.

The cards from our deck will be displayed before us or, in the case of being a new creation, the space in which we will add them. To our right, we will see the letters that we do have in the collection and a search engine.

In this search engine, we can insert the name of any card that we need, whether we have it or not. We can add it to our deck by dragging it to the left. If we do not have it, the letter will appear in gray. If we select it, we will see how the “Create” option appears.

There are three types of cards:

  • N
  • R
  • MR
  • UR

Each type costs its own currency, approximately 30 units. To get these resources we can play duels, collect mission rewards, or through the Duel Pass. Another option we have is to leave the assembled deck and if we get any of those leftover cards, they will automatically be added to our deck.

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