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A man builds a Nintendo switch Tv for his son



A man builds Nintendo switch Tv for his son

Are you married? If yes, then what can you do to make your kids happy? You would buy them a bunch of toys or some chocolates. Today we have brought to you a case that seems weird. Yes, Steven Beck, from Manchester, builds Nintendo Switch Tv for his son. Speaking with Ladbible, Steve Beck said “Just copying his actual Switch, I was able to use plywood to create shelves, so inside the structure, he could store the game discs and devices.

“The only things I really had to buy was the plastic and paint, and the vinyl letters for the buttons.”

Nintendo switch is being sold all around the world. According to the reports shared by the officials, Nintendo Switch has sold 52.48 million units worldwide (As of December 31, 2019). It’s a great achievement for the switch. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch software sales exceed 310.65 million units sold.

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