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A Mexican becomes Frostbite 2020 Smash Bros. Ultimate Champion



A Mexican becomes Frostbite 2020 Smash Bros. Ultimate Champion

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won the title of the best fighting game in History. If we talk about the players of this fighting title, you must remember the Mexicans who always remain very high in the competition.

As you all know on February 23, the event was held in Detroit, Michigan, and it was not easy for Mexican fighters to reach the final of this great event. Since the start of the game, Mkleo, the Mexican fighter lost his first game and made a complicated start. For him, there is no doubt that Maister beat all the leading opponents to reach the final. His passing was achieved by beating tweek and showing his ability.

This tournament was not easy for Mkleo as he was losing in the beginning but he tried his best and beat Samsora (one of his great rivals), Nairo, Zackray, Dabuz, and Tea. After beating all of them, there was only one step left to be able to access the grand finale and it was to face Tweek. Leo was surprised to see himself down on the scoreboard but he knew how to recover and achieved a great victory for the grand final.

Now here comes the final round, everything seemed ready for them and the crowd wanted to see the winner of this tournament. After a few moments the winner of the tournament was declared, Guess who was the winner?

Mkleo turned out with his hand raised crowning himself as champion.

Maister wanted to win Frostbite as every competitor wishes. Well, a few moments ago he expressed his feeling about the Tournament.

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