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A mother of a young Fortnight fan recovers most of $20,000 lost from son’s secret Twitch donations



Here's the solution for the "you do not have permission to play Fortnite" error

Popular streamers like Tfue, Gorb, Ewokttv, and so on were lucky to get hold of money. Subscriptions, bits, and donates were used. The streamers themselves, of course, were unaware of the origin of these funds. The child did not ask his mother’s permission and simply gutted the account with the family’s savings.

After discovering the problem, the woman turned to the bank, but the latter agreed to return the money only after a court decision, and for this, the woman had to sue her son. The woman later contacted Twitch and Amazon but received no response. The streamers themselves agreed to return the funds, but they were unable to track the payment history without the help of the platform administrators.

Ultimately, she managed to get back almost the entire amount through Xsolla, the electronic payment service through which Twitch transfers took place. By the way, she never received a response from Twitch.

The son is “remorseful,” the mother said and is going to counseling. He’s also now limited to one hour of monitored daily playtime “with the stipulation that he must do positive activities throughout the day, get exercise, and interact with the family in a positive manner.”

“This was a tough time for our family, but hopefully we will all grow from this and be a stronger family,” she said.

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