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Animal Crossing: New Horizons receives a 38/40 from Famitsu



Animal Crossing: New Horizons producer hopes fans will use the game as "an escape"

New Horizons is going to release on March 20. It means we are only 10 days away. The fans of Animal Crossing series are decorating their Nintendo Switch with stickers.

According to Switchsoku, Once again the Japanese magazine Famitsu has scored a new game that is on its way to Nintendo Switch, based on the experience of 4 different editors who score each game based on 10, for a final score based on 40.

For comparison, Animal Crossing: New Leaf scored 39 out of 40 points because a reviewer gave it 10 points. However, 38 is a very impressive score for Nintendo’s switching game.

Check out the reviews below:

Note: Using AI we have translated their reviews

Review 1

Take off your hat in an exquisite balance, where you can enjoy a familiar and relaxed life and get a moderate stimulation with new elements such as the village chief. 
The range of play has expanded considerably, such as being able to visit strangers’ villages. 
If you become a best friend, it is most convenient to be able to exchange messages on the spot without having to gather in the village.

Review 2

The feel is the same as the previous series, and there is a sense of security, but there are new elements everywhere and it is exciting! Looking at the change of the familiar characters, I grin involuntarily. Communication-related is also substantial. In particular, the mini-game where you can play with strangers and the Happy Home exhibition hall using the passing communication were good!

Review 3

As village chief, while increasing the simulation-like elements that make up a village, the texture is always the Animal Crossing. While the content can be reassured by the fans, the freshness can be felt firmly. The low threshold that even beginners can enter immediately is alive. It is a deep-seated game that accepts a variety of play styles.

Review 4

The base is the same, but there are plenty of new elements such as diving in the sea and developing villages through public works. Thanks to the shopping district, it’s nice that you can complete your business all at once. There is also a recycling shop. There is no particular difficulty, so I think that you can enjoy it even in the first play.

Review 5

Good point
I can’t afford to play every day.
I drew the logo of my favorite TV show on My Design and re-made it on the furniture with the logo picture.
There are some items that are not sold at the Japanese Animal Crossing Mametsubu (cat towers, double neck guitars, etc., and can be ordered from the catalog in the game), so it’s really fun.
Bad point It
is a bit disappointing that food-based delivery gifts such as turkey and pumpkin pie are not for sale (cannot order catalogs).
Also, it is a bottleneck that you cannot order “Shikikiri” or “Sprinkler”.
General comment
We want you to be able to order items that are difficult to obtain.

Review 6

The ease of play has been greatly improved while maintaining the traditional way of playing slow life, and the introduction of a mini-game on the southern island has significantly enhanced the fun of playing with multiple people.
The watering that will be done every day is that water drops drips from the watered flowers and you know which flowers you watered It has been considerably improved, such as having buttons assigned, making it easier to play.
In addition to this, I became able to interact with people other than my friends, showed my house to people who did not know by passing communication, and I think that it became an animal forest that both the slow school and the influential school can be satisfied.
It is fun to play multiple people with multiple software, but when playing with small children, it is also recommended to play letters closely with one software, or to play with the first animal playing with them.
It’s a game that I want to play little by little every day.

Review 7


It’s something you play continuously,
so you’ll have trouble if you ask what’s interesting.
Wake up in the morning, water it, pull out the weeds, hit the rocks, go around, greet the inhabitants,
squeeze the fruit trees if they are growing, pull the fishing line if you can see the fish shadows, pick up the shells, and pay for the debt. Gasping.
I am worried about the layout of the village, the layout of the furniture,
and the disappointment of my talent in designing clothes.
Such a game.

Probably a
game that a few people will get bored and let go, but many people are still playing a year later.

Review 8

I couldn’t fill the reservation much earlier than I expected, but I still
thought it would be okay to go to some
game stores. I aimed for the stock, but
I could not get any of them … I
was looking for the package but I was forced to give up on the way and I was convinced that I could download it if I could not download it at the
next store I decided
But! Unfortunately all download cards are sold out!
All the prepaid cards are sold out!
It was the first time like this …
I thought about calmly and I forgot that there was also a prepet at a convenience store
It was said that the stock was undecided, and I lost the day
I remembered the prepet immediately, but after all the package It was to endure and will wait
I always reserved to buy, but it was late this time. After all, reservation is important. The
game is already played ds and I decided considerably because it was a lot of hamatta It
is expected to be large because communication relations are abundant at 3ds
This time I am a village revitalization as a village head This time
I install equipment and objects in the village with new elements I can
enjoy going to my friend’s village by local communication because I can do it (I was playing with my friends often in the last ds when I was playing last time) It
seems that the player’s body has grown a little and the clothes change The
characters are also bigger than the previous work, and the gestures are very fine and cute
House of appearance is looking forward to even now like a house of their own taste is changed from this time Moteru
or look at the passing by of people home, new elements do not ever quite there and so
I look forward to start every day
is quite the video after is beautiful Shizue-chan cute
modern tired, or not chillin healed a little bit slow life

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