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Controversial Hatred is making its way to Nintendo switch



Controversial Hatred is making its way to Nintendo switch

Hatred has recently been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. However, the history of this twin-stick shooter and Nintendo goes back a long way.

Specifically, the game captured all the hot spots in 2015, when it was branded as an adult-only title, also known as AO. At the time, Nintendo did not allow games of this type on its platforms, but now Hatred will come to Nintendo Switch.

This is a truly controversial title for going against “respect for color, education and being politically correct” and at the time was accused of using violence without any justification or end.For now it is unknown when it will launch on the console and if it will do so with some kind of censorship or not.

We will be attentive to more details; Meanwhile, we leave you with its premise and its trailer:

Hate fills your whole body.You are tired of the useless existence of humanity.The only thing that matters is your weapon and the pure Armageddon you want to unleash.

You will go hunting and clean the New York suburbs of all humans in cold blood.You will shoot, you will hurt, you will kill and you will die.There are no rules, there is no compassion, there is no mercy, there is no point in going back.You are now the lord of life and death, and you have full control over the life of worthless human scum.

You will also run, you will have to think, you will have to hide and defend yourself when the armed forces come to knock you down.You will have no mercy on them, because they dare to stand in your way.

Only brutality and destruction can cleanse this land.Only a wave of murders will make you die spectacularly and go to hell.

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