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Cooking Mama: Cookstar, accused of mining cryptocurrencies; those responsible answered



Cooking Mama: Cookstar, accused of mining cryptocurrencies; those responsible answered

The new iteration of the saga has been removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop within a few hours of launching. The study now provides explanations.

The story of Cooking Mama: Cookstar is full of questions. Announced months ago for Nintendo Switch and planned for this April 28 in the eShop, the new installment of the saga was released in late March in the United States in both physical and digital formats; however, the title disappeared after a couple of days from the console’s digital store without explanation. Throughout this weekend, various sources have pointed out to the developers that they have used the game as a method to mine cryptocurrencies; In the absence of knowing the reason for the withdrawal from the game in the eShop, the studio has denied those allegations.

The publisher assured that the game would use blockchain technology

One of the triggering messages of the indictment came from CartridgeGames, which alleged “ a possible use ” of the execution of the title for these purposes in blockchain technology – something that does include the game officially to generate income only with the fact of to play-. Hours later, on the afternoon of last Sunday, a message on Discord expanded ensuring that the game should be uninstalled immediately because that act of mining cryptocurrencies could lead to the capture of personal details of users or damage the console.

From Numskull Games they claim to have contacted the developers of the game, distributed by Planet Digital Partners, who declare: “As developers, we can say that there are no cryptocurrencies or data collection or blockchain, nor anything similar hidden in the code.” Thus, the developer denies one of the points that were declared in the official press release issued by the publisher, which included clear points where it planned to make use of blockchain technology.

In this regard, the developers say that “it is a press release of February 2019, the blockchain has never reached us as developers.”

Given this crossing of statements and a lack of accuracy between the word of the developer and the publisher, it is not clear if Cooking Mama: Cookstar uses blockchain technology. Some of the allegations of mining cryptocurrencies have been removed from Twitter. At this time, Planet Digital Partners has not confirmed or denied any of the information.

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