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How to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley




Disney Dreamlight Valley has introduced an exciting new feature that allows players to glide effortlessly through the game world. If you’ve been playing since the early access phase, you might have noticed that your character can’t sprint, making it time-consuming to move between different areas. However, in the latest update, the developers have added a special ability called Glide.

How to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To activate the Glide ability, simply press the SHIFT key on your keyboard. However, there’s a catch—you can only use it when you have the Well-Fed Bonus. This bonus is represented by a yellow bar above your character’s blue energy bar. To activate the Well-Fed Bonus, make sure your blue energy bar is full and consume food or drink items that replenish your energy. Once the yellow bar appears, you’re ready to glide.

Well-Fed Bonus

Press the SHIFT key, and your character will start gliding gracefully through the Valley. It’s important to note that the duration of your glide is determined by the depletion of the yellow bar. Once the yellow bar is empty, you’ll need to keep your character well-fed to continue using the Glide ability.

New Tip: Players have discovered that gliding can be used not only for traversing large distances but also for reaching previously inaccessible areas. Some hidden treasures and secret locations can only be reached by gliding from a high point.

By gliding, you can move swiftly across all the different biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s a fantastic way to explore the game world more efficiently and reach your desired destinations faster. Just remember to keep your character well-fed to make the most out of this ability.

Updated Strategy: Some players have found that combining the Glide ability with other movement abilities, such as the Dash, can result in even more efficient movement. For example, dashing right before initiating a glide can give you a speed boost, allowing you to cover larger distances.

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