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Elden Ring: Golden Seeds



Elden Ring: Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds are collectible items found throughout the game. They are used to upgrade your Sacred Flask which allows you to heal more times before returning to a Site of Grace. They are highly valuable in restoring health and focus points for using spells and skills. You can get them by visiting certain locations and also by defeating certain bosses. at

Remember that initially lesser number of seeds are required to upgrade the flask. After that, you will need a greater number of seeds for the next upgrade.

Golden Seeds locations

Here the location of the Golden Seeds in Elden Ring is given along with some pictures to help the players find them easily. Leaving the first golden seed aside the other Golden seeds are given below:


You will find three seeds in Caelid:

  • The first seed can be found after exiting the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. After exiting the tunnel go to the roof of the castle and you will find it there.
  • Another Golden seed can be found southeast of Bestial Sanctum. It will be on the route going to Limgrave.
  • The third one can be found if you head towards Caelid Highway South and then you keep going East until the junction. From there go South and you will find it on the route.


Here you can find about five Golden Seeds.

  • You will find the first one west of Academy Gate Town in the few collapsed buildings.
  • For the second one go to Main Academy Gate. Then follow the broken path in the northeast direction till you reach the second Golden seed.
  • Another seed can be found west of Grand Lift of Dectus. As you down the river towards Ravine you will find one near the end of the river.
  • The first seed can be obtained after beating the Red Wolf of Radagon. Head to the courtyard and take a left. As you go underneath the bridge you will find the Golden Seed along with some enemies.
  • Another one can be found near Caria Manor. Reach the area outside the Manor Upper Level and you will find it there.


Here you can find about five Golden Seeds:

  • Go to Castle Morne which can be found near Castle Morne Rampart site of grace. When you climb the collapsed building you will find the Golden Seed.
  • The next Golden Seed can be found at Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. You have to fight the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss and you can pick it up at the bottom when he is gone.
  • The next one can be found near Stormgate. Defeat the enemies and go to the nearest hill and you will find it on the right side of the path.
  • For the next seed, you have to help Roderika and unlock her as a merchant in Roundtable Hold. After that, you will find the Golden seed in Stormhill Shack.
  • The next seed can be found in Fort Haight. It will be found outside the courtyard entrance where you will fight the Pumpkin Head.


Here you will find 8 Golden Seeds:

  • You will find the first seed as you take the left from Erdtree-Gazing Hill.
  • The second seed is located north of the Atlas Highway Junction.
  • The third and fourth seeds are found next to the Outer Wall Phantom Tree.
  • Two more seeds can be found from is above the locations of the previous seeds.
  • One seed can be found near Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite. After defeating the boss jump down the arena and get it.
  • One seed can be found towards the North of the See the water River.


One seed can be found south of the West Capital Rampart. You will find it near the three Envoys.


Go to the downstairs Secluded Cell. Kill the enemies and you will find the Golden Seed in the open courtyard.

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