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Elden Ring: How to get Mountaintop of Giants



Elden Ring: How to get Mountaintop of Giants

For getting into the Mountaintop of Giants region in Elden Ring, You would’ve progressed to the Leyndell, Royal Capital in the storyline which is present in the Altus Plateau region of the Elden Ring. Altus plateau is up north of Liurnia Region and from there you need to make your way east to the Leyndell, Royal Capital.

In Leyndell, Royal capital you need to go to the East Capital Rampart, there is a site of Grace there which you can use later for fast traveling.

Mountaintop of Giants

Progressing the Leyndell,Royal Capital

Once, you’re at the East Capital Rampart you need to run down the stairs and make your way in the capital. You need to keep on going straight beside the Capital Rampart rooftop. Where the rooftop is ending jump right to the Capital city building and parkour your way through the buildings and finally jump down in the capital Grounds. When you’re down in the Capital city grounds, you’ll notice there is a dragon wing there. You need to make your way to the dragon wing. There is an Archer enemy right beside the wing you can dodge him or kill him it’s your choice.

Progressing the Leyndell,Royal Capital

You need to climb the Dragon’s wing all the way up. You’ll reach a ladder when you’ve climbed the Dragon’s wing. You need to climb up the ladder. You need to keep on moving forward you will reach a courtyard in the capital. There are several enemies there, you don’t have to fight and just go past them. On the end of the courtyard, there’s the Tree Range you need to climb and make your way up that Tree Range.

Sudden Boss Godfrey, First Elden Lord

Once, you make your way up the tree range it will take you to a big open which as soon as you get inside, you’ll face a boss Godfrey, First Elden Lord. Godfrey has sudden attack combos mainly and jump attack combos. He has a big axe that he will be constantly swinging in his attacks when you’re close to him.

Sudden Boss Godfrey, First Elden Lord

The tactic to defeat Godfrey is you stick close to him when he swings his axe you roll and counter-attack his legs and then move far from him. When he jump attacks, you again get close to him and attack his legs.

In the second phase, when he’s half HP he will do a rush slide towards you when you’re far from him and swing his axe. You need to roll his rush and then get behind him and attack his legs. Dodge his Axe attack, stay close and attack his legs, This is the main tactic and you can easily defeat him.


When you’ve defeated the Godfrey, First Elden Lord, you’ll receive the Talisman Pouch.

When you’ve defeated the Godfrey, First Elden lord. You need to go outside that big room and there’s another Tree range going up the big room Balcony, You need to go up the tree range. You need to keep going from the big room. Now, you’ll reach the main stairs that are going to the big arena of the Capital.

Here, you’ll fight the main boss of the Royal Capital city.

Morgott, the omen king

Morgott, the omen king is the main boss in Royal Capital, which you will find at the big arena in the Royal Capital. Morgott has a golden spear that he does spear attack combo with, He also can summon a hammer and has a sword. So, Margott does double attack combos.

The tactic to win against Margott is that you wait for him to complete his combo and then counterattack him afterward by going behind him or in his legs.

In the second phase when he’s almost 50 HP, His sword gets a boost and when you’re far from him, He’ll do a ram attack. Margott now has a burning sword that also does burning damage. So, you have to be really careful you have to do defend his Sword attack and roll when he does the hammer attack. You just have to wait for Margott to complete his combos and then attack him, this way by being patient you can easily stab his legs and back to defeat him.


Once, you’ve defeated Margott, the omen King. You’ll receive the Margott Great Rune and the Remembrance of the Omen King.

Now once, you’ve completed the Leyndell, Royal Capital. You have to go to Avenue Balcony in the capital. When you go to Avenue Balcony in Royal Capital which is on the main grounds of the Capital City. You need to take the stairs and take the left and head straight.

You’ll see a big door that is closed. You need to open that big door.

Forbidden Lands

You need to head straight outside from the big door that you just opened and you’ll reach a room with a lift. You need to use that lift. You will then reach the capital Outskirts. You need to keep on going the stairs from the Outskirts till you reach another elevator. You need to use this elevator to go down.

Once, you’ve come down the lift, you will notice that you’ve reached the snow and the Forbidden Lands in the Mountaintop of the Giants region.

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