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Elden Ring: Ranni’s Star Age Ending



Elden Ring: Ranni’s Star Age Ending

Age of Star Ending is the most complicated ending in Elden Ring. You have to follow several paths and quests to trigger Age of Star Ending. You have to complete Ranni’s Questline to trigger Age of Star Ending.

Ranni the Witch

Ranni is an NPC in Elden Ring. Ranni is a mysterious figure who will later introduce you as Renna upon meeting her at Three Sister. Ranni can be found at Ranni Rise (Three Sisters) in the sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Ranni the Witch

Ranni’s Quest

After defeating Radhan you have to talk to Ranni at her location where you can see a large tower on the map in Liurnia of Lakes.

Ranni’s Quest

After reaching the place you will have to several stairs and a lift going upward to reach Ranni. After talking she will ask you to find the treasure which you can find in the Eternal city of Nokron.

ranni map 2

Nokron place is dark and filled with small enemies you can simply ignore them until you reach the site of Grace in the hall. There you will get the hidden treasure after getting that treasure returned to Ranni. She will give you Carian Inverted Statue. Go to the Carian Study Hall and use Carian Inverted Statue.

ranni map 3

You will see that big Globe change its position and open the paths toward upstairs. After talking left from the Globe go deep down and find the lift with the Press button center of the Lift stand at the center of the lift. The lift will take you to the site of Grace after opening the door.

Follow the path straight and you will find another lift that will take you towards the roof of the tower. On the rooftop, you will see a dead body. There you can get a Curse-Mark of Death. After taking that you have to return to Three Sisters Site. A new tower will be open Use the portal in the tower to Ainsel River Main. You will see a light approach that light to get Miniature Ranni.


Use nearby sit of grace to talk with Ranni. She will talk with you about Baleful-Shadow and ask you to defeat him.


Baleful-Shadow is an enemy in Elden Ring that glows red like an invader and dodges player attacks. A necessary step to complete Ranni Quest. You can find this boss in Ainsel River Mian following through the cave south of the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace.


After defeating you will be rewarded with Discarded Palace key.


Boss Astel, Natural-Born of the void

This is a boss in Elden Ring. Astel is a malformed star which is landed in the land between long and can be found in Grand Cloister, Lake of Rot.


You have to cross the land of Rots to defeat the boss until you see the building and find the site of grace. Head west and interact with the coffin this will take you to the Astel Boss lair. Head forward and take the portal to fight with the Boss.

After Defeating Astel, Natural-Born of the void you will be rewarded by the Remembrance of the Natural-Born.

discarded elden ring

Dark Moon Ring

Go to Raya Lucaria Library and use Discarded Palace Key to unlock the chest. After opening the chest you will get the Ring.

Dark Moon Ring

Once you have it go back to the Astel Boss Room. Jump down the hole on the ground near Cite of Grace. Head forward until you reach the Underground area. You can put this ring on Ranni’s finger. Now you can summon Ranni’s to get ‘’Age of Stars Ending’’.

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