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Elden Ring: Scarlet Rot



Elden Ring: Scarlet Rot

Scarlet Rot is a fatal status ailment in Elden Ring. It afflicts the player throughout the game in various environments. It is a buildup status effect that you have to prevent. If it builds up all the way you will take damage or even worse, die immediately. So it is highly dangerous to allow the status bar to fill more than halfway.

How to cure Scarlet Rot

Luckily you can cure Scarlet Rot using Preserving Boluses. They cure the Scarlet Rot and they remove the status bar completely if you are afflicted by it.

How to cure Scarlet Rot

How to get Preserving Boluses

You can find Preserving Boluses throughout the game in various places. However, the more reliable approach is to craft them. You can craft them using the recipe given in Armorer’s Cookbook.

Armorer’s Cookbook Location

You can find the Armorer’s Cookbook at the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. From the location climb the rocks to your left. After reaching the top go to the left and in between the large white column to your left and the cliff on your right side. You will see two Ancestral Spirits there. The cookbook is on the corpse near the right Ancestral Spirit.

Armorer’s Cookbook Location

Crafting Preserving Boluses

Once you have the cookbook you can craft the Preserving Boluses by opening the crafting menu and going to the required item. However, to craft them you will need the following ingredients:

  • Crystal Cave Moss (x1)
  • Dewkissed Herba (x2)
  • Sacramental Buds (x1)

You can find these items at various locations in the game. However, you should try your best to protect yourself from Scarlet Rot.

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