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Tulio Triviño might be heading to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Fans want Tulio Triviño to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smash Bross. Ultimate is being played all over the world and it has won the title of the best fighting game in History. The main scoop of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is that everyone has to be there and some fans have taken this Nintendo phrase very seriously by putting in a bid to join the roster of the popular fighting game to characters like Goku, Iori and This time to Tulio Triviño.

On this occasion, the character they have proposed for the second season pass that includes new fighters has been nominated for the popular presenter of the newscast 31 Minutes. To make the request, fans have started a petition on the site. So far, more than 18,562 signatures have been collected.

Because of this, Tulio himself has been surprised by it as we can see through his official Twitter account. He says Please someone tell Nintendo to stop this because he doesn’t let him sleep.

Tulio Triviño Tufillo is the main character of the Chilean cartoon series 31 Minutos. He is the anchor of the “most accurate news on television” His voice is performed by Pedro Peirano. It is based on journalists Bernardo de la Maza and Fernando Paulsen.

If you can understand Spanish, then we’re leaving a video

We still do not know if it could actually be accepted since Tulio does not count as a video game character so Nintendo could reject the request. Even so, if you want to join the request, just enter this link and leave your signature.

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