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FE Warriors: Three Hopes: How to Customize or Change Appearance of Characters



FE Warriors: Three Hopes: How to Customize or Change Appearance of Characters

Customization of character is very common in the Role-playing games and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes game also allows players to change the appearance of the main character Shez as well as the other characters of the three houses.

In this guide, we tell you how to change the appearance of characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How to Customize Characters

At the beginning of the game, players will not be able to change any appearance of the characters that they have unlocked. They will need to complete chapter 3 of the game which will unlock the Base Camp for the players. Players can roam around at their base camp, talking to different characters and much more.

There’ll be different locations at the Base Camp and in order to change the appearance, you need to head to your Personal Quarters location. You can find Arval at your Personal Quarters and there’ll be a Journal option on the table that you can find in Personal Quarters as well. There are three different options that you will get when you access the Journal.

  • Change Appearance
  • View Documents
  • Spend Renown

You need to select the “Change Appearance” option and you will go into the customization mode and you’ll get the list of all units (Characters) that you have unlocked. Select the certain character which you want to change the appearance and then you will see on top that there are two types of appearances of the characters. Camp Appearance and Battle Appearance. You can change the type of appearance by pressing the ZL button or the ZR button.

In Camp Appearance, there are two different appearances for the character. Academy and War. You can choose any one of the appearances of the character and it will be equipped for that character. The Camp Appearance can only be seen at the base camp. In Battle Appearance, there are three different appearances that you can choose from. Standard-Issue, Unique, and Class-Based. The Appearance you select in the Battle Appearance selection, can only be seen on the Battlefield. After selecting the appearances for your character, exit from the Journal and the character’s appearance that you have changed can be seen at the Base Camp.

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