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This LEGO Mini Nook’s Cranny from Animal Crossing: New Horizons could be real if it reaches 10,000 votes



This LEGO Mini Nook's Cranny from Animal Crossing: New Horizons could be real if it reaches 10,000 votes

Would you like someday to have your own Animal Crossing model in your house or in your room? It may soon be possible to have a shop Mini Nook of Animal Crossing: New Horizons thanks to this new initiative made by a fan.

And it is that a new campaign has appeared on the website of Lego Ideas, an initiative so that lego sets made by fans come true if they get a number of votes. This new project promises to be a recreation of the store made from Lego as well as part of iconic elements from the series such as fruit trees or a small river. A model has also been offered to see how it would look.

Check out the screenshots:

Artist says:

Nook’s Cranny is upgraded and ready for business, as a fan of Animal Crossing i have wanted to do a build from the game i have seen a lot of house builds from the game so i have decided to do Nook’s Cranny to shake things up a bit, the build features an interior, i tried to get it as close to the game as possible but due to size i have had to move some things around, however i believe it captures the spirit 

I want to include 3 minifigures

– Boy villager 

– Tommy

– Timmy

I didnt have the parts needed to make Timmy and Tommy so it may not be possible without new moulds but who knows

the set is just under 1000 parts

i hope you like this project and hopefully we can get to 10k votes to have an offical animal crossing set!

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