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Location of the 23 secondary characters of Biomutant: where is each of them



Location of the 23 secondary characters of Biomutant: where is each of them

Biomutant is a world full of possibilities, where many missions await us. There are many things to do and one of them is meeting the 23 minor characters in the game.

If you want to unlock one of the most demanding trophies in Biomutant you will have to meet and speak with 16 secondary characters. However, it is advisable to know the locations of the 23 there are in total to be able to ensure that you unlock the corresponding achievement or trophy.

You don’t need to worry, as none of the characters can be lost. However, in order to be sure, it is best to talk to each one twice . Any precaution is little.

Location of the 23 secondary characters of Biomutant: where is each of them

As we said, there are 23 total characters . As there are a good number of them, what we recommend is that you complete the main story of the game and kill the Fourth Eater of Worlds so that you already have a good handful of them registered. Then you can explore the world of Biomutant with complete freedom to search for the rest. We attach the list:

  • Lump (Floating Boat)
  • Gulp (Hundidillo)
  • Goop (Underwater Post)
  • Gizmo (Deschuace)
  • Klick (Everywhere)
  • Moog (Acantibismal)
  • Boom (Puffduff Bluff)
  • Pebble (Valle Maña)
  • Jumble (Clear Boisterous
  • Chubsa el Tortugo (Prado Swallow)
  • Trim (Spurftop
  • Honki (Poured Hillside)
  • Caduco (El Porencima)
  • Juju (Distance)
  • Myth (Brightlight
  • Noko (Trotter Block)
  • Nova (Tower
  • Whiz (Hydroelectric Plant)
  • Gill (Bubbling Bottom)
  • Chu-Chu (End of the Way)
  • Maya (Haunted Cabin)
  • Lobo (Airship Station)
  • Sol (To find this character you must complete the list of secondary missions that Lobo entrusts you. After this you will get an airship to be able to travel to the island where Sol is.


Where are all the gold bolts in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)



Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

We detail where you can find all the collectible Gold Bolts on each planet and the dimension of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for PS5.

The bolts are not new in the world of Ratchet & Clank. It is a kind of currency in the form of nuts and bolts that we can find in many boxes and other containers scattered around the stages we visit. Something that we find in a separate dimension, the new installment of the saga, is the gold bolts. It is a type of collectible that we can find on each of the planets after overcoming a small platform challenge that varies in difficulty depending on each bolt.

In general, it is very easy to find it if it is from the map and we can set its location so that an arrow appears on the screen and guides us to them. Even so, as part of this complete guide, we will detail the exact location of the 25 gold bolts as long as you obtain this valuable collectible and thus get all the trophies related to it.

All the gold bolts and where to find them

Nefarius City Golden Scripts

  1. In the factory: there we will also find a spy robot. We have to jump through the boxes and avoid the laser beams from the sliding belts until we reach the top, where the script is located.
  2. Behind the fenced alley: in the lower right corner of the map. We must go up on the left side of where the bolt is located. We jump on a circular platform of momentum and move towards the edge. We press O to look into the alley and from there L1 to go through the portal and arrive safely at the indicated place.
  3. At the disco: the easiest to find. We simply have to go to the disk we are going to earlier as part of the story and move towards the bottom to find the script in the back alley.

Note: Bookmark this page because we will update it.

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All the CraiggerBear and how to find them in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart



All the CraiggerBear and how to find them in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

We tell you how to find the 9 bears that are scattered around the planets of Ratchet and Clank for PS5, as one of the game’s collectibles.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has several collectibles that we must find throughout the planets that we visit with Ratchet and Rivet. One of the most complicated is the CraiggerBear, of which there are nine in total and which are divided between those that are seen with the naked eye and those that are hidden more than necessary. Therefore, as part of this complete guide, we tell you where to find them, essential if we want to get platinum for the game that goes on sale this Friday, June 11.

Below we indicate with the least possible spoilers the location of each of the CraiggerBear that you will find throughout the game.

Where to find all the collectible CraiggerBear

Nefarius City – First Bear

The first teddy bear is found in Nefarius City. Once we have landed with the ship and we have taken the ferry that takes us fully to the shopping area, we will have to continue to the left passing the main shops area, go down some stairs and in a store on the right, pick up the first of the bears.

Sargasso – second bear

Sargasso is a prehistoric planet where Rivet has his lair. We will simply have to play the main plot until we get to her home. At his house, so to speak, we will find the bear on one of the sofas. If you also turn on the television, another trophy that you will take as a gift.

Scarstu Ruins – Third Bear

The third bear is found in the Ruins of Scarstu level and is one of the easiest in the entire game. We simply have to go to Zurkie’s bar and before entering it, where the robot that acts as a wardrobe is (in this case, weapons), we will see that the teddy bear is right on the counter, you can’t miss it.

Savali – fourth bear

The fourth bear is found in Savali, the widest level in the game by extension. To find it, we have to follow the main story. There will be a moment when one of the tests will be a kind of race against the clock on a mountain where the ground appears as we pass. We started the race and in the first break, before the second stage, if you go to the bottom of that platform you will find the bear.

Blizar Prime – Fifth Bear

The fifth bear is on Blizar Prime, a planet we visit with Rivet. We simply follow the main story and after using the gravity boots shortly after starting, when we finish that section and arrive at a cabin where there is a glass to change between dimensions, in that area, you will find the other bear.

Torren IV – sixth bear

The next bear is in Molonoth Ravine. We will find it in the shopping area, going along the main path to the left (to the right there is a path to follow with the gravity boots). Look at the elevated areas above the tents and you will see that the bear in question is on your right.

Cordelion – Seventh Bear

The seventh bear is in the Kedaro station, a level of Ratchet in which we also play with two dimensions at the same time. To find it, you have to activate the dimensional crystal that is in the central tower of the level (at the top, passing where one of the weapons stores is) and after that, go outside and look for it in the snow mountain in the same platform. It has no loss.

Ardolis – eighth bear

We will find the eighth bear in the pirate base of the game. In order not to get into too many spoils, you simply have to follow the main story and when you finish the pirate tests, once you have finished in the safe zone, you will see him face to face. It has no loss.

Viceron – ninth bear

The ninth and final bear is found in the prison of Zordoom, on the last planet in the game. This bear can be obtained once you rescue one of your friends (the first one you have to rescue), and it will be found inside one of the cells in that area that will now be open. Take a good look because a column covers it at first sight.


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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Tips and tricks to start playing



Ratchet & Clank A dimension apart Tips and tricks to start playing

Getting started tips and tricks to get the most out of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for PS5. Everything that the game does not tell you and will help you in the latest adventure of the lombax and his mechanical friend.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for PS5 is now on sale, and before you start playing we leave you some tips and tricks so you can get the most out of the game from Insomniac Games (also responsible for Spider-Man Miles Morales).

And now we go with all those tricks that the game does not tell you and that will help you if you get stuck at any point in Ratchet and Clank.

Fidelity, performance, and ray tracing modes

Our recommendation to fully enjoy the game is to start in fidelity mode, at 30 FPS, with 4K dynamic resolution and ray-traced lighting effects. On the second lap, or when we have unlocked the challenge mode, we can try the 60 FPS mode, which is better played but is not as spectacular.

Modify game speed

Among the accessibility options, Ratchet and Clank allow you to slow down the action, in case we get stuck at some point of “skating on rails”, which requires alternating movements such as the “wallrun” or the use of the grapple. In slow motion, everything is much easier … and we are not going to miss any of the raritanium crystals that pass us at full speed.

This help can be activated in the accessibility options. We can also activate lifelines to avoid leaving the stage by mistake or select a target route for Ratchet to automatically look towards his next destination if we find ourselves lost.

Explore every corner

There are a number of trophies related to exploration, such as collecting the earthworms, teddy bears or golden jitters that require us to explore every corner of each planet. The spy robots can give us information about the planets that we have passed on our way.

Collecting the gold jigs gives us access to tricks such as changing the appearance of the ship, changing the appearance of the hammer, activating the big heads mode (or with tiny heads), or modifying the filters and the effects that accompany the defeat of the enemies.

In total there are 25 gold jitters in the game, 10 spy robots, and 12 lombaspheres .

Combine the movements double jump, ghost run, wall run

Navigation in Ratchet & Clank A separate dimension rests on the combination of jumping, gliding, a ghost running or running on the walls. If we manage to alternate all of them together with skating (with propelled boots) we will be able to access any part of the stage.

In the accessibility options, we can activate fall arrest, automatic glide or turbo, in case you have difficulties with any of these movements.

Master the weapon change

Combat in Ratchet & Clank has a strategic component that is based on the use of weapons. You have to master combinations such as the poison against the punisher, or the volley for unique enemies in flight. During the weapon change the action slows down, so we will have the possibility to think about what arsenal we are going to take advantage of at each moment.

We can also assign our 4 favorite weapons to a quick selection system, using the Dualsense digital crosshead.

Level up the glove of the apocalypse, pruner, and other automatic weapons

Certain weapons have an automatic behavior, which is devastating in combat. The glove of the apocalypse creates an army of clanks that fight for us, the mower uses sprinklers to temporarily turn enemies into plants, and we also have toxic mushrooms that are released with the mushroom.

It is important to level up the weapons as soon as possible (with their use) and to unlock all the upgrades with Rarityanium upon reaching the store.

Complete all the challenges in the tavern

The tavern has a combat arena, in which to participate in three categories of events. The rewards for completing these arenas are very juicy, and they do not present too much difficulty. Our advice is that we adhere to the bronze, silver, and gold categories as soon as they are available (we visit them on different occasions throughout history).

All three pieces of the same armor

Getting the full armor grants additional bonuses, in addition to the advantages that we get with each of the pieces (head, torso, and legs) separately. We can change armor at any time to benefit from these bonuses; for example, depending on the type of enemy in each level (native creatures, pirates, or minions of Nefarius).

In total there are 8 complete armors in the game, and most of the parts can be obtained in the dimensional pockets that are scattered around the planets.

Check the map before leaving each planet

In the game map (by pressing the touch panel of the dual sense controller) we can discover the location of golden jitters or raritanium crystals that we have overlooked. It is always advisable to review which areas are “dark” to see what remains to be explored.

How to disable challenge mode

It is enough to finish the story at any difficulty level to unlock this extra game mode, in which we have access to Omega weapons and new missions. The difficulty is a bit higher, but we will also be armed with a superior arsenal.

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