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Mario Kart music helps you work, this viral trend on the Internet affirms



Mario Kart music helps you work, this viral trend on the Internet affirms

It’s no mystery that many people like to study with background music or do their homework by listening to tunes. However, it seems that a somewhat strange trend has recently emerged that is related to the Mario Kart franchise.

The information was provided by Polygon, from where they share that a Tiktok video has gone viral after showing “the effects that the Mario Kart Superstar melody has when a person writes essays”.

You can see the message in question below, where we can read this sentence: “my stress levels went but so did my word count”.

This social network moves millions of people and so much so that this message seems to have created a boom in online Mario Kart listening. In fact, songs from the franchise are sneaking into Internet listening tops, something that actually does not generate any benefit for Nintendo because they are available online through other users.

Many people are sharing commennts on social networks on the benefits of these listenings, so if you are interested you can try it out to see if it has an effect on you too.

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