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Meet the World’s first Animal Crossing billionaire who has one Billion bells



Meet the World's first Animal Crossing billionaire who has one Billion bells

Nintendo released Animal Crossing on GameCube a long time ago. The fans do not discuss this nowadays. And the players are not interested in playing Animal Crossing on GameCube. But there is a boy who has appeared and it is not a casual appearance he has become the very first Animal Crossing Billionaire.

The Animal Crossing player Brian, who is known as ‘BrianMp16’ on Twitch and youtube. He has won 999,999,999 bells in Animal Crossing. Will Brian be able to do something great in Animal Crossing: New Horizons which is releasing on March 20?

According to Brian, it took him two months and 180 hours to achieve his goal, but after much perseverance, he achieved his dream of having all the objects available in the game once and for all. In addition, he has specified that thanks to his new status as a player, he will donate whatever he earns to Nashville animal shelters.

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