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“My 12-year-old account is ‘too new’ for them”: netizens complain about problems pre-ordering Steam Deck



"My 12-year-old account is 'too new' for them": netizens complain about problems pre-ordering Steam Deck

On July 16, Valve opened the opportunity to reserve a Steam Deck for subsequent redemption without waiting in line. The network reported that the Steam servers could not withstand the influx of applicants, and various technical problems arose on the site.

According to some users, after 20: 00, the page with the Steam Deck simply stopped opening. When trying to access it, clients received an error message E502 L3.

Users who have gained access to the site have encountered problems of a different kind. Steam could display a warning that the client has recently made too many purchases and needs to wait. This happened even in cases where purchases had not been made on the account for several days before. Tom Warren, the editor of The Verge, also faced this problem.

Some users, when trying to reserve the console, received a message saying that their account is too new, even if the account is several years old.

In some regions, the Steam Deck is no longer available for reservation after 40 minutes after opening the option. Those who managed to leave a request noted that in some cases, the Steam website indicated that the order would be available in the first quarter of 2022, although Valve promised to start sending orders in December 2021.

According to the founder of the SteamDB service Pavel Dundik, the number of applications for a console with 512 GB of memory in North America exceeded 55 thousand units.

In December, the Steam Deck will go on sale in the countries of the “first wave”, and in other regions, the device is going to be released in 2022.

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