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Nintendo hesitated to include Mario in Super Smash Bros.



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Super Smash Bros. is a great fighting game that brings together many Nintendo characters and other franchises, but now it is known that the great “N” hesitated to include Mario in the game.

In the most recent publication of Famitsu magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of this character, admitted that there were several doubts about wanting to integrate the Italian plumber into the fighting game.

When we were developing Smash Bros., there were some people who worried; They asked me: ‘Is it really okay for Mario to knock and kick? In fact, I had to talk to them when I explained that I still took the turtles out of their shell anyway.

He also added that the intention with Mario is always to keep him from “violence” as much as possible.

When I had Yoichi Kotabe draw Mario, I think I said at the time: ‘Mario doesn’t kill anyone.’ When I think about it now, that base can also be easy to understand. But that doesn’t mean ‘don’t trample bugs under your feet either.’ That is the moderate sense of Mario. Such a base has also been maintained in all games, even so far

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