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No Zelda BOTW 2 in 2021: Insider seems to confirm what we all feared



No Zelda BOTW 2 in 2021: Insider seems to confirm what we all feared

Nintendo announced, “Breath of the Wild 2” at E3 2019. And so far, apart from the first trailer, we have not seen anything about the game, which is probably due to the difficult working conditions during the corona pandemic, among other things. In fact, the real name of the game is not even known. Still, many fans are still hoping for a release this year.

The Japanese analyst Dr. Serkan Toto now at an end. In a tweet, he wrote about Nintendo’s plans for the E3: “Z2 22”. What he means is pretty obvious: Zelda (Breath of the Wild) 2 will be released in 2022. At least that’s what he says. This is of course not officially confirmed.

Is that believable? The industry insider is a fairly reliable and well-known source. However, he does not specify whether the statement is his own assumption or whether he actually has the relevant information. So treat the whole thing as a rumor for now.

More Zelda at E3?

Switch players haven’t been overwhelmed with many blockbusters in the past few months. Even if the Switch continues to sell well, Nintendo needs a decent E3 show to keep fans interested. So we can count on some new announcements. And with a new trailer for Breath of the Wild 2.

However, a specific release date for Link’s new adventure is unlikely. Don’t be surprised if only “2022” appears at the end of the clip.

Does the Switch Pro have anything to do with it? Many fans assumed that Nintendo would wait for the release of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 so that it could appear at the same time as the Switch Pro. However, the latest information is that the console upgrade will hit the market as early as the fall (September or October). It is very likely that the title could be optimized for the rumored Switch Pro. Allegedly, the new hardware is to be shown today.

Our assessment of the release of BOTW 2: We also assume that Breath of the Wild 2 will no longer appear in 2021. It is quite possible that Nintendo originally wanted to release the title with the Switch Pro in the fall. But quality will be more important to the company because BotW 2 is (currently) Nintendo’s only announced blockbuster for the Switch – apart from Metroid Prime 4, which will probably take years.

The Switch sells this year even without the Zelda, but Nintendo has to deliver with the next Zelda, otherwise, the mood could change.


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