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Pokemon Sword and shield Expansion pass- Tower of Two Fists



Pokemon Sword and shield Expansion pass- Tower of Two Fists

During Nintendo Direct Mini the officials confirmed Pokemon Sword expansion pass and Pokemon shield Expansion pass. with an expansion pass the world of pokemon sword and Pokemon shield games will grow the sprawling island in the sea the isle of Armor and the frozen snowscape known as the crown tundra be accessible in the Gala region. It’s a new adventure to embark with new people to meet along the way.

Furthermore, they shared some follow-up information about the Isle of Armor

The Isle of Armor

On the Isle of armor lies a dojo for Pokemon battles where trainers gather to master their skills and if you train at this dojo, you will receive the legendary pokemon, Cub fu from the Master mustard. through your training with Cub fu, you will receive permission to challenge the towers of two fists on the Isle of Armor. In this challenge, you will enter one of the two towers, The Twoer of Darkness or the Twoer of waters. You may only choose one. And you and Cub fu must face this challenge alone.

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