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Ring Fit Adventure comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Ring fit Adventure is coming back in stock soon, confirmed by the officials

Also considered the biggest crossover in video game history, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is about to add Ring Fit Adventure as a new element to Nintendo’s fighting title.

Super Smash has been characterized by including multiple Third Party characters and elements as well as Nintendo exclusives. As for their First Party we have seen the Wii Fit Trainer for example but now, a new premium developer game will join the fighting game catalog.

This is Ring Fit Adventure , the exclusive Nintendo video game that launched as part of its collection of titles related to sports or physical activity. The participation of this game within Smash will be by three of the main characters as well as the Ring Fit itself .

Draco, the main enemy, the male and female avatars and the Ring Fit will arrive in the form of spirits on March 13 and you will have only five days to get them and add them to your collection.

For 5 days from March 13 (Friday), “Fight with your body! Ring Fit Adventure ”. Three new spirits will appear, so be sure to check them out!
※ The new “Ring Fit Trainee” is the main character of “Ring Fit Adventure”. # ス マ ブ ラ SP ”.

It is certainly always exciting for some new item to arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as if you recall, this title will not extend beyond its Fighter Pass 2 so the more characters and spirits added, the better for all fans .

As for the Fighter Pass 2, it is still unknown who could integrate the new DLC however, after a survey conducted in Japan, most users of the country of the rising sun have exclaimed that they would love to see Sora from Kingom Hearts as a new member from the fighting game.

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