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Steam Deck will allow you to pause games without the need to save – just like on consoles



Steam Deck will allow you to pause games without the need to save - just like on consoles

In an interview with IGN, Valve shared details about the operating system that runs the Steam Deck and went into more detail about its features.

  • As mentioned in the announcement, Deck uses SteamOS. At the same time, users will be able to access not only the shell from Valve itself, but also the standard Linux desktop.
  • The developers initially focused on the fact that gaming sessions on a portable PC would be much shorter, so they tried to simplify the entire interface as much as possible.
  • The Steam Deck home page was specially created from the ground up, bringing together all the key sections of the service – the library, the store, and the community with a list of friends – in one place.
  • From the very beginning, all additional Steam services will be available on a portable device: cloud saves, achievements, customization of controllers, a “Workshop” with mods, as well as Remote Play, which will allow you to stream games from Deck to another PC or vice versa.
  • On the Steam Deck, you will be able to pause games without saving, and re-enter them, instantly starting from the same place – as on the Switch and other modern consoles.
  • Valve noted that they are already looking for how to implement full-fledged synchronization with the desktop version of Steam so that players can pause the game on Deck and immediately resume it on a stationary PC.
  • Developers want to take care of driver updates for games by including them in patches for SteamOS.

The start of sales of Steam Deck in the countries of the “first wave” is scheduled for December 2021, but now users from these regions are offered to reserve a pre-order only for the second or third quarter of 2022.

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