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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe: Heaven Ending



The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe: Heaven Ending

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe has many endings and one of them ending is Heaven ending. This game has some endings that are tricky to get by and Heaven Ending is one of those endings. In this guide, we tell you how to get the Heaven Ending.

Heaven Ending

Heaven Ending of this game is an ending where Stanley gets teleported to a White space and there are colorful buttons revolving around Stanley. There’ll be a choir singing in the background. You can touch these buttons but nothing will happen as the pushed buttons will come out again after a short period of time. There’ll be no reset or anything you have to quit the game manually to get out of this ending.

How to Get Heaven Ending

To get the Heaven ending, you need to interact with all the five monitors with the “Awaiting Input” message on the screen. You’ll see a lot of monitors in the office but most of them will be a black screen. You have to find and interact with the ones that have the “Awaiting Input” message on their screens. But you won’t be able to get all the five monitors in one run. You have to reset the game manually by going into the menu or completing another ending. After every interaction with the monitor, reset your game and interact with the next one. You’ll reset the game four times in total to get this ending.

How to Get Heaven Ending

The location and order of the interaction with the computers are as follows.

  • Computer-1: First room, at the #419 computer.
  • Computer-2: Next room, at the #423 computer.
  • Computer-3: In the Boss’s Office Lobby. At the secretary’s desk.
  • Computer-4: Back in the first room, at the #434 computer.
  • Computer-5: In the last, use Stanley’s Office computer.

Only the third computer interaction is ahead of the two doors, all the rest computer interactions are before reaching the two doors. Make sure to reset the game after every interaction with the computer. Once you interact with the computer, a new message will come on the screen as “Input Received”. If you see this message, it means you can now reset the game and move on to the next location.

How to Get Heaven Ending

After using the final computer, Stanley will teleport to a place called Heaven. That’ll be the Heaven Ending and in order to get out of there, you have to manually quit the game from the menu.

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