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Trek to Yomi: How to use finishers and skills



Trek to Yomi: How to use finishers and skills

Trek to Yomi is a new samurai tale that is filled with Katanas and samurai combat. You will be playing as Hiroki, a samurai. Combat and samurai-style battles being the core gameplay part of Trek to Yomi, you will also unlock Finishers as you play through the game. In the second chapter, you will unlock the Finishers.

The game also has a skills system in the game where you can learn different combat skills.


You will unlock different skills throughout the story and chapters of Trek to Yomi. These skills are really helpful and you can use them to your advantage in combat. You will learn different combos from these skill points. As you progress in the game you will fight harder enemies that will have different attacking styles and armors. You can learn the skills to counter these enemies.

How to use Finishers

You will unlock Finishers as a skill as well in the second chapter in Trek to Yomi. The Finishers work on Stunned enemies. So, first, you will have to learn how to stun an enemy. You will get a Stunning Combination skills in the second chapter as well. To use this skill, you have to use a combination of attacks. You have to press left click, left click and right-click to use Stunning Combination when you’re in a fight with enemies. You will stun enemies when you use this attack combination. Now, that you’ve stunned an enemy you can use Finishers’ skill on them.

How to use Finishers

As Finishers and Stun skills work both sides by side. So, after you’ve stunned an enemy using the attack combo. The next thing you need to do is use your Finishers Skill. You can press F near a stunned enemy to use a Finisher. Finishers are very lethal and will tear apart your enemies. Finishers will also give you health regeneration after you’ve used them on an enemy. This will help you in big fights where health is crucial for you and you can make use of Finishers to get your health back. Mixing Attacking combos will make you a skilled samurai and help Finish your enemy with Hiroki’s katana.

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