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Tricks to level up quickly and easily in Tales of Arise



Tricks to level up quickly and easily in Tales of Arise

We list up to five procedures that are working very well for us to gain a lot of experience in a short space of time and thus quickly level up our characters.

One of the best RPGs so far this year is Tales of Arise, a title that veterans and beginners alike will enjoy and that offers adventures full of dangers but also a lot of fun.

Whether or not you are experienced in the genre, you will want to find a series of procedures to get a lot of experience quickly in Tales of Arise, something that will allow us to level up and get a multitude of arts in the game.

So we are going to offer you these five procedures for Tales of Arise that will allow you to gain a lot of experience in a short time, which will affect your character’s level in the short term.

Tricks to level up quickly and easily in Tales of Arise

Take advantage of food

One of the easiest ways to get a lot of experience is to cook foods that give you bonus experience.

So just go to the camp or inn in any city and select the different foods from the menu. For example, the sandwich fruit gives you an experience enhancer for 30 minutes, and so on. So take advantage of them for your next matches.

Defeating monsters

Go to an area that you control but that has very high-level enemies that you know how to defeat and defeat over and over again. You must perform combos and chain victories, something that will allow you to accumulate an experience bonus based on your current character level.

Specifically dedicate yourself to face giant Zeugles

They are monsters that can be in dungeons or in various places around the map, and that have much higher life than the rest, but also much more dangerous since they could kill your characters with a single hit. Thanks to them you will be able to get a lot of experience and have access to rare elements.

Note that each of the Zeugles has a weak point in a bright area of ​​their body, so simply focus on this part of their body to knock them down.

Adjust the difficulty at all times

Something that the game options allow us is to be able to adjust the difficulty at all times, so that you can be playing, for example, in normal difficulty, but when you are in an area that you control, raise it to a maximum difficulty, something that will be reflected in which enemies level up and therefore also grant you a lot more experience.

Through certain NPCs and side quests

When you have advanced the game a bit, especially after the first chapter, you will find a series of NPCs that will give you secondary missions and who will reward you with artifacts. These artifacts are used to activate certain bonuses that range from higher XP gain to better food, so you can take advantage of them to level up quickly.

These five good procedures will allow you to gain a lot of experience in Tales of Arise to level up fast.

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