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Xbox Series X controller and 1 TB memory expansion card



Xbox Series X controller and 1 TB memory expansion card

Several photos were published on the internet and The Verge also published the photos where you can see in detail the controller from Microsoft, updated for the next generation of consoles, as well as a memory card for the Series X.

The gamepad is slightly smaller than what comes with the Xbox One. The crosspiece has become more similar to its counterpart from Elite controllers, and the surface has been made more textured. In addition, there is a Share button in the center for quick video recording and taking screenshots.

The controller also has a USB-C connector, but the gamepad runs on AA batteries, and you need to buy the battery separately.

The 1 TB memory expansion card, which is as fast as the console’s built-in SSD, is slightly larger than a standard SD card. The slot for such a card is located on the back of the series X — it does not enter it entirely, acting as a “flash drive”. No additional configuration is required to use the extension.

Initially, only Seagate will produce memory cards. Microsoft has not yet announced at what price they will go on sale.

The Verge reviewers promised to publish a full preview of the console in the near future.

Xbox Series X consoles arrived in the media on September 23 — two weeks after the Series X and Series S layouts without hardware inside. VentureBeat, Digital Foundry, and GameSpot authors, as well as The Game Awards producer Jeff Keely, among others, reported that they received the devices.

Microsoft’s next-generation consoles will go on sale on November 10.

On the same day, it became known about the preload function on Xbox, which appeared for users of the beta version of the console app on Android. It allows you to install any title from the store on Xbox, even if it is not purchased. To start, you only need to buy a digital version or a CD — you can start playing at the time of release or receiving a physical copy.

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