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5 tricks that Age of Empires IV does not tell you



5 tricks that Age of Empires IV does not tell you

We offer you a list of about five basic tips that you could put into practice in your first hours of Age of Empires IV.

It’s sure been many years since you’ve enjoyed one of the first installments of Age of Empires, and now with the fourth numbered iteration of the series on the market setting good records on Steam, it’s time to dust off our old memories.

And it is that the Age of Empires license is one of the most remembered when we talk about strategy, being able to create our bases at our whim, also protecting our villagers, and sending our forces to finish off the enemies until we conquer each of the lands.

But if you are a new player to the license or experience, these five basic tips will be useful for you to start each of your games with guarantees.

5 tricks that Age of Empires IV does not tell you

Get a lot of villagers at first, then take over the army

Although you consider investing in villagers at first to be a waste of money, it is quite the opposite. And it is that thanks to the villagers we can create those first structures that will cause us to have increasingly powerful units and be able to create a much more powerful base against the attack of the enemies.

Don’t worry at first, try to have a good set of villagers, and then focus on the rest of the units.

The experience is worthless

We will be able to get experience by overcoming a series of daily missions, but these missions will give us experience points that are worth absolutely nothing within the game experience, and that the only thing that will help us is to unlock special videos, emblems and similar things.

Use this keyboard shortcut

Instead of clicking five separate times when trying to produce units, it is best to hold down the shift key to tell the corresponding building to create all 5 such units, when obviously possible.

Archers are very bad at destroying buildings

When we send an attack we always put the archers in the rear, but if we are at the moment of having to destroy an enemy building they will not do us any good. This is why you should always reserve certain warriors or tank units that can take care of those buildings before they are repaired by enemy units.

Don’t rely on random targeting

In general terms, character units do not usually choose the best objectives when facing enemies, so we advise you to always be the one who gives the orders and does not trust what the AI ​​can do. And it is likely that many archers end up losing them when making melee attacks.

Sure there are many basic tips that we can give you for those first hours to Age of Empires IV, but now surely you do not end up making some mistakes.

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