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7 basic tips for fishing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



7 basic tips for fishing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Fishing is one of those great activities that can take most of our time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, especially if you need extra income. But how can we make our fishing time as efficient as possible? From Dexerto’s website, they wanted to collect seven basic tips for fishing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The first one is as basic as it is essential: you have to pay attention to the season of the year. And it is that depending on the moment in which we are, our results will vary. We must remember that these seasons change depending on the hemisphere in which we find ourselves.

As a second tip, Dexerto advises to carry essential objects such as the fishing rod, of course, the bait, the pole to jump to other places, the slingshot to get certain prizes, and the shovel.

The third tip refers to the ideal bait for fishing. In this case, we recommend clams that can be unearthed on the beach. This is where the shovel will come from pearls. We can dig up a few clams and create the ideal bait.

The fourth tip focuses on the shadows of the fish. As it is well mentioned, each fish has a certain shadow in the water, so if we are clear about the objective we want to fish, it is not advisable to throw our hook in any shadow that does not correspond to what we expect. It is a way to be efficient and get those creatures that can report the most money.

For the fifth tip, we are advised not to make too much noise that can disturb the swimming of the fish that we want to catch. It is about walking slowly around the area, without attracting attention. If we stay vigilant, we will soon be able to see more shadows in the water and get what we really want.

As for the sixth tip, it is something that may be obvious but that is not always carried out: casting our hook accurately, trying to place it right in front of the shadow of what we want to fish. Only in this way will our target realize and come to other baitfish. Once we see the buoy sink, we will know that it has stung.

And finally, the seventh tip is something as basic as it is essential: attract the fish with force and that it does not escape. To do this, we press button A at the right moment and our target will begin to spin as a sign that it has stung. Thus, we can already attract our fish to remove it from the water.

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