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7 hidden functions of PS5 that we have discovered by playing with it



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These are some of the most hidden, or less visible, features of PS5 that you can use to adjust the user experience to your liking, and which you can find and try on your PS5 from November 19th. Options that will allow you to adjust the difficulty level of the games “by default”, customize the menu shortcuts, and a few other options that we will detail below…

With our analysis of PS5 already published, we have continued to spend time with it. So much so, that we’ve continued to discover hidden PS5 options, which will allow players to adapt some aspects of the menu or set some default elements that will help us to adjust the PS5 experience more to our liking. These are some of the lesser-known PS5 options and features that we’ll detail:

  • Options in user profiles
  • Presets (difficulty of the default games, camera…)
  • Customize DualSense quick access
  • Options related to the management of saved games and PS5 game data
  • Privacy settings
  • Trophy captures and videos
  • New Accessibility Features

As we know that some – but actually many – of you want to squeeze the features of your new PlayStation 5, today in this report we leave you with 7 hidden PS5 features that we have discovered by playing with it. Are you ready to find out what you can do with it in a few days? Well, we’re looking forward to it.

Changes and new features in the user profile

The new PS5 user profile is radically different. On the one hand, under the General Information tab, we have a look at our trophies achieved, the accolades, our games, and friends in total. What are the accolades? Well, it’s a system similar to Overwatch, you can give and receive a compliment per multiplayer game. Now you can also see the time played in your games and a detailed look at all the screenshots and videos you have shared.

The difficulty, camera, and presets

If you’re one of those who always play in a difficulty mode and with preferred settings, then you’re in luck: PS5 allows you to set your preferred difficulty in games. It’s true that it’s a bit annoying to change them every time you enter a new game, but now all that can be changed.

In Preset Settings you can indicate a single setting for all games, selecting aspects such as difficulty, inverted axes in first and/or third person, if you prefer to play in resolution or performance mode…; in this way, those options will be the ones that will be activated automatically when you enter any game and you won’t have to touch anything. It’s all about making the most of your time, and not wasting it on these details.

Customize DualSense Quick Access

With this function, you can choose what you want to appear on the console bar, such as accessibility, functions, sound, and more. This is the bar that appears when you press the PS button a couple of times, at the bottom of the screen, and has fully customizable shortcuts, to choose from different functions and options of the console, such as start a broadcast, music, accessibility… You choose what you want to appear.

It will not be possible to save PS5 games or games saved on an external medium (USB disk, Pendrive…)

PS5 games cannot be moved to an external USB disk, let alone run from external drives. The only thing, when the time comes, will be the M.2 expansion disks that will be placed in the dedicated bay, although this is an option that is not yet available. What we didn’t know is that we won’t be able to make a copy of our games and take them out of PS5 with a USB storage either. To date, the only way to keep our games saved from PS5 is with PS Plus, making a copy in the cloud.

With PS4 games on PS5, everything works like on PS4, i.e. we can run them directly from an external USB medium, either an SSD/HDD connected to the console via USB. This way, you can store your PS4 games and reserve the console’s internal SSD storage for PS5 games (although you can also move them between the internal and external disk).

Greater privacy options

Now on PS5, you don’t have to worry about privacy and everything other users of the console can see. Sony has implemented four levels and states of privacy. Solo, Friends, Team player, and Socially open, in each one you will choose who to interact with if they do it with you and in the lowest level nobody will be able to see anything of your console.

Captures and small clips of your trophies

As we told you a week ago, the trophies have a new look and new ways of showing and storing them – something that was seen in an example of Astro’s Playroom – and now you can relive it every time you want to see how you got a trophy. However, you can choose where to save these clips and even indicate the option not to make videos, their duration… They are usually quite light MP4 videos.

New Accessibility Features

You can resize the text, make it bold, activate the screen reader to read everything – even make the voice male or female – and even turn other players’ voice chat into groups and games so that everything is read out loud.

These are the 7 functions of PS5 that are not in sight and that we have discovered by playing with it. Remember that this is just the beginning and that on launch day there will be new firmware, which will add new functionality that has not been available even in the console’s analysis phase (for example, the whole multimedia apps part). So, in less than two weeks, we may have new secret PS5 features to tell…

I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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