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The scientific journal believes coronavirus to have originated from a Pokémon



The scientific journal believes coronavirus to have originated from a Pokémon

It is well known that not everything that is read in publications is true, including the information that appears in scientific journals. Today we bring you an example of this, curiously related to Pokémon.

The story stars Matan Shelomi, who managed to include an article on the coronavirus in the American Journal of Biomedical Science & Research without any real basis. In fact, in the article, published at the beginning of the pandemic’s spread in March of this year, Shelomi mentioned that the origin of the pandemic was in a Pokémon.

Specifically, the article mentioned that eating a Zubat was what caused the virus to spread. In addition to this, a fictitious city and other erroneous references were invented to explain the origin of the disease without any of the magazine’s editors noticing it or drawing attention to it before the content was published. On the contrary, those responsible for the newspaper confirmed to him sometime after publication that they had received very positive comments on his text.

With this, Shelomi wants to show that not everything that is read scientifically is correct and that it is always necessary to check sources. He claims that this is not the only case where he mentions Pokémon as the culprit and nobody reads or says anything to her about it.

We are left with the latter: the importance of always contrasting the sources where we read the information, to avoid cases like this, and Pokémon like Zubat being wrongly accused of causing the coronavirus pandemic. What do you think about this?

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