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95-year-old grandmother breaks her Game Boy and Nintendo gives her a new one



95-year-old grandmother breaks her Game Boy and Nintendo gives her a new one

If Nintendo is recognized for something, it is for the excellent customer service it offers to its users, such is the case of a 95-year-old grandmother who broke her Game Boy and to whom the great “N” decided to give her a new one.

According to a report published in Asahi Shimbum, one of Japan’s most recognized newspapers, the citizen Kuniko Tsusaka sent a letter to Nintendo because her 95-year-old mother had broken her original Model Game Boy. Grandma loved playing Tetris on that console, which stopped working while she fell ill.


It was the third Game Boy that the woman had, however, the model of the Nintendo portable console had been discontinued in 2003 so she could not buy a new one, in addition to that they were unable to repair it.

Tsukaka’s son, grandson of the 95-year-old woman, told his grandmother that Nintendo was a well-known company among other things for providing excellent customer service to its users, so he recommended that he get in touch with They get help.

Thus, the grandmother wrote a letter that was sent by mail, and a week later Nintendo’s customer service responded by confirming that her Game Boy could not be repaired because they no longer had the necessary parts to do so.

However, this story had a happy ending, because along with that response, the grandmother received a completely new Game Boy that the company had found in one of its stores , where they also wished her many more years to play Tetris.

Tsusaka’s mother was able to enjoy her new Game Boy for at least four years before she died at the age of 99, presumably with an impressive Tetris score.

Twitter user @SITM_K tweeted an image of the story as it appeared in the Asahi Shimbun and it quickly went viral, receiving over 195,000 likes and 66,000 retweets as of this writing.

The story touched thousands of people online, who left comments like:

“Omg I’d heard about the God-like nature of Nintendo’s customer service but this is truly amazing!”
“I can’t believe they sent her a new one!”
“I’m speechless. Nothing but praise for a company that sends its last new Game Boy to a customer from their warehouse.”
“I am crying. What a heartwarming story.”
“I’ve always loved Nintendo but now I love them on a whole other level!”

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