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A famous streamer fell asleep during live streaming and earned $5,594



A famous streamer fell asleep on broadcast and earned $5,594

Mizkif, a famous Twitch streamer who keeps giving away Nintendo Switch. As you know the fans of Animal Crossing series are waiting for New Horizons so he decided to give away 2 Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizon Editions. And the next day he gave the switch to the winners.

Today we will talk about this streamer who earned $5,594 during sleep. He fell asleep on broadcast and earned $5,594.

He invited the audience to try to wake him with the help of donations. An unusual challenge at Twitch was conducted by the Mizkif streamer – he went to bed during his live five-hour broadcast. While the streamer was sleeping, the audience managed to send him donations in the amount of $5,594.

During another live broadcast, Mizkif said he wanted to sleep. After that, the streamer turned off the light and went to bed, leaving the ether active. He also suggested that his viewers trying to wake him up. At the end of the broadcast, Mizkif woke up, thanked the audience for participating in the challenge, and presented Nintendo Switch to a random subscriber.

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