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A new glitch has been discovered for duplicating objects in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



A new glitch has been discovered for duplicating objects in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest installment in the exclusive Nintendo Switch series, which enjoyed an exceptional reception that greatly fueled the popularity of the franchise.

This particular title features several innovations in the series, in addition to entertaining mechanics with which players are free to find objects to personalize the interiors and exteriors of their islands. However, many would prefer more facilities to get these items. A few days ago it was shared that some players had found a glitch that allowed duplicating objects, less limited than the one we shared with you previously since it was applied to 1 × 1 objects.

Well, this time a new glitch has been discovered by a YouTube user, Do Whatever Games. In the video that follows, they explain how the in-game mail system can be used to duplicate any item that can be sent to friends as a gift.

  • You will need to have two or more registered players on your island, so there are three of them, including yourself, and you must send your chosen items (Do Whatever Games recommend sending 1-3 things at a time) to one of them via mail.
  • Once you receive it, you will have to use the residents’ application of your Nookphone so that the recipient of the mail is next to you.
  • Make the recipient of the email the leader, and have them open their email.
  • They will need to open the presents and drop the items on the floor, after which you should immediately use the resident’s app once again to play with a different player instead of the recipient of your email.
  • Once they have entered the game, the session ends; You should check that the items are still on the ground and that if you repeat the process, your email recipient will still have those items in their mailbox, ready for you to do everything over and over again.

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