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A program has been created to link Nintendo switch controllers to sex toys



A program has been created to link Nintendo console gamepads to sex toys

The Nintendo switch controllers have been paired with sex toys. The latter can be triggered when the Joy-Con controllers vibrate.

The open-source project was developed by Kyle Machulis. His Intiface Game Haptics Router program allows you to redirect signals from gamepads or VR controllers to compatible sex toys, such as vibrators.

Machulis tried his hand at Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are several ways to make sex toys work. First: the vibration command is given when you throw a fishing rod in the game or wave a shovel. The experience of using a vibrator is becoming more diverse because the game is multi-user. For example, another user has to dig a hole for planting seeds and lure there a user who has a vibrator on. As a result, the player falls into the recess, and until he gets out of this trap, the sex toy will successfully continue its work.

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