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Apex Legends: Leak mentions the release of the Switch version & it’s coming soon



Apex Legends director says Nintendo Switch version coming "very soon"

On January 18th, Respawn Entertainment announced Season 8 of the battle royale shooter Apex Legends and introduced the new hero Fuse. Season 8 trailers released in Japan, Denmark, and Poland stated that the Switch version should be released on February 2nd. However, these videos were taken offline a short time later and replaced by new ones in which this is no longer mentioned.

Fans need patience: This suggests that Apex Legends should be coming to Nintendo Switch soon. It could be that the release date has been postponed at short notice and was therefore not announced with Season 8. That would explain why the date could still be seen in some trailers.

Crossplay with the switch version

It will definitely not take long: It was already said that the Switch version of Apex Legends would support crossplay, which means that no matter what platform you play on, you can compete with all other Apex Legends fans – and on the Nintendo Switch even while on the go. We’ll see how the shooter runs on Nintendo’s current console.

Actually, the Switch version of Apex Legends should have been released last fall but was then postponed to enable a better gaming experience. So now it’s time to wait until EA and Respawn announce the official release date of the Nintendo Switch version of the Battle Royale shooter.

Are you looking forward to playing Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch? What do you think when the release will take place?

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