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Apex Legends season 6 trailer directors talk about remote filming – motion capture was carried out via Zoom



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Due to the pandemic and working from home, the actors themselves had to apply markers and calibrate the cameras themselves.

Apex Legends Season 6 trailer was revealed by video directors David Lawson and Leesha Tan, who directed the previous Battle Royale videos and music videos for Jay-Z and Dua Lipa.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the trailer for the sixth season of Apex Legends had to be filmed remotely, and therefore the production was partial via video link in Zoom. There, for example, they captured the movements of the actors who played the heroes of the battle royale.

We did a motion capture session in Zoom and this was new to us. The actors first had to apply markers and calibrate the cameras with the support of technical specialists, and we had to direct the filming via video link. But the whole team was enthusiastic about this challenge and the result was amazing.

Leesha Tan

David Lawson also revealed that the production team used Cinema 4D software to recreate in detail the flight of a bullet through the barrel of Sheila, the weapon of Rampart, the heroine of Apex Legends, which will be added in the sixth season.

The sixth season of the game, called “Overclocking”, kicks off on 18 August. In addition to Rampart, it will add crafting and the Volt submachine gun from Titanfall 2.

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