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Apple has threatened Epic Games with deleting its App Store accounts – this will prevent all iOS apps running on Unreal Engine



Epic Games explained why removing Fortnite from the App Store is causing" irreparable damage " to the Studio

Apple’s plans were announced by Epic Games itself on Twitter. After the lawsuit was filed, Apple notified developers that it would remove their accounts from its system on August 28, depriving them of the ability to support their apps on iOS and Mac and release new ones.

According to the updated version of the documents that Epic sent to the court, this will prevent not only support for Fortnite but also the Unreal Engine itself. It may become incompatible with Apple systems.

This will make the UE unsuitable for developers who plan to release their programs on Apple devices. Epic claims that this will inevitably make their engine a “niche product” — it will be abandoned EN masse in favor of competitors who support more systems. As a result, the company itself will have to completely stop working on Unreal for these platforms.

Epic Games considers such a move unacceptable since initially, the platform holder’s claims were against Fortnite, which violated the store’s rules. The company claims that ” it’s not enough for Apple to just remove the game from the App Store — it’s now attacking the entire Epic business in unrelated areas,” as well as all developers using the Unreal Engine.

It is likely that the court ruling will be in favor of Epic, but without a separate ban order, the company will suffer irreparable damage long before the final ruling.

The technology market is developing very rapidly. If not thwarted by Apple, it will seriously damage Epic’s reputation among Fortnite users and be a disaster for Unreal Engine as a separate business.

from Epic Games lawsuit

Therefore, additional requirements appeared in the lawsuit. Epic wants Apple to be banned until the end of the trial:

  • remove Fortnite from the App Store;
  • block corporate Epic accounts;
  • uninstall or deactivate an already installed Fortnite app from iOS devices.

Apple itself at the time of publication of the note did not comment on the current situation in any way.

The conflict between the two companies broke out on 13 August. The Fortnite developers added their own in-game currency payment system to the applications, after which the platform holder removed the online action from the mobile store. Epic immediately went to court, claiming that the creators of the iOS and Mac ecosystem had illegally secured a monopoly on the distribution market for applications for these operating systems.

Later, Google decided to remove Fortnite from its own store – in response to which it also received a lawsuit.

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