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Phil Spencer claims Xbox Series X isn’t aiming to outsell PS5



Insiders point to a high-profile new Microsoft purchase

“It’s a fundamental difference that goes beyond console warfare,” said Phil Spencer.

You may have already heard of the Animal Talking program, presented by Gary Whitta and where – among others – actress Brie Larson has gone where she admitted “she would love” to play Samus Aran in a Metroid movie. Last Thursday another personality was invited, this time intrinsically related to the world of video games: Phil Spencer.

We have already told you about other comments he has made about the Xbox brand, such as the announcements that still need to be made for Xbox Game Pass and the delay in Halo Infinite that almost caused the game to be released in parts. But he also said things about the new console, Xbox Series X.

“We want people to feel like a member of Xbox, and for that reason, Xbox is not about one device, it can be several,” he says. “I want the TV to offer a good experience and I think Xbox Series X is going to give it its all and I am excited about the games we are creating. Although there is a fundamental difference with the ‘traditional console war’ that people often refer to. “.

Spencer explained that the comparative approach to selling consoles against Sony, Nintendo, or other companies is not what they have in mind. “If this were the case, we would not launch our games on PC or Xbox One and we would not even launch xCloud so that players can enjoy the titles on their mobiles.”

” I’m not disregarding someone else’s approach here, but when I speak to fans and customers, what I’m saying is that when you’re an Xbox member, we want to create an experience around you.”

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